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Resources and Support for Students

Middle School counselors are professional educators with a mental health perspective who understand and respond to the diverse challenges faced by today's young learners.

We do not provide ongoing therapy but we do support students with ongoing challenges and steer students/families to external resources if ongoing interventions are warranted. We align with the Ferndale School District's commitment to develop the whole child - his/her/their social and emotional well-being in addition to academic achievement.

What we do: 

  • Support students and their families with the challenges faced during adolescence and middle school via Zoom, email or phone
  • Help with scheduling, school and personal issues
  • Provide small groups to promote belonging and self care
  • Help with stress/anxiety/depression
  • Provide suicide and self harm prevention, intervention, and referrals to ongoing support
  • Referrals to support services in the community
  • Help if a student has a concern about another student
Counselor Contact Information
Michelle Townsdin, M. Ed. Certified School Counselor
Phone: (360) 383-9896
Abby Wilson, School Counselor 
Phone: (360) 383-9897
Additional Supports
Terry Saunders
Horizon and Vista MS, Intervention and Prevention Natural High Club Advisor, small group support for youth impacted by substance use, one on one counseling support, & treatment information for families and youth
Phone: (360) 383-9857 – Horizon  (360) 383-9403 – Vista
Logan Toby
Horizon and Vista MS, Native American Advisor
Phone: (360) 383-9850

Need Help?

If you, or a family member, needs help with a mental or substance use disorder, call SAMHSA’s National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357) or TTY: 1-800-487-4889.

Parent Power Hour Videos and PowerPoint Slides: